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Monday, June 26, 2006

June Tomatoes

Here is Philo's staked vegetable garden, which has a mix of peppers and tomatoes, including both old and new varieties. Many came from the Sunshine Community Garden Sale held in Spring. The depressingly early hot spell meant the peppers refused to set fruit. Even with careful hand watering, the weather was hard on the heirloom tomatoes. The workhorse tomatoes like Juliet and Celebrity may be viewed with scorn by the guys in the heirloom forums, but they give you a crop, by gum! I like to keep a bowl of Juliets on the kitchen counter, handy to pop a couple as one passes through the room.


  1. I don't know what kind of tomatoes I have, but they're finally starting to ripen. I also picked one very large wax paper yesterday. I'm not a veggie snob- I just want something that will grow and tastes good.

  2. Once the Austin temperatures were in the nineties instead of in the hundreds, the flowers on the peppers stopped dropping, and started setting. Philo made wonderful peppers and eggs for breakfast on Saturday morning, and there are lots of little peppers coming along in the garden today.

    Just a few plants won't work for us, because my husband could eat 5 tomatoes before dinner, then want more!

  3. Hey, no fair, do I see some tomatoes ripening? I'm just starting to see some tomatoes on my plants and they are all green! That's Zone 5 for you, where some things take some time, but at least it ain't 100 in June!

  4. Hi Annie! Great blog... I miss my Cheep Sentiment too, but have NO time to garden blog anymore. I'll have to blog vicariously through you.

    My tomatoes are already shot for the season, I think. I blame the hideous early heat. I think I got 2 Mule Team and that's it for that plant. My Sunmaster and Solar Set were more generous, but they look spent now. (SHAKES FIST AT BLAZING HOT SUN....)

    I'm relegating myself to fighting nutgrass and spreading mulch this summer. With baby V, that's about all I can manage.

    Wonderful new blog!

  5. Mmmm, nothing beats homegrown tomatoes. We're so soggy with all the rain up here that we can't get into the garden at all. Ross just planted the tomatoes about 2 weeks ago so they'll be quite a while fruiting! We planted Jet Star, which is a lot like Celebrity. I like their reliability and they're easy to peel for canning.
    Yours are looking delicious.
    Did you get a lot of rain when Dallas had that 10 inches last week? There's some flooding up here, but nothing like that.


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