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Welcome! As "Annie in Austin" I blog about gardening in Austin, TX with occasional looks back at our former gardens in Illinois. My husband Philo & I also make videos - some use garden images as background for my original songs, some capture Austin events & sometimes we share videos of birds in our garden. Come talk about gardens, movies, music, genealogy and Austin at the Transplantable Rose and listen to my original songs on YouTube. For an overview read Three Gardens, Twenty Years. Unless noted, these words and photos are my copyrighted work.
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Read All About It

On the top of this garden blog there’s a note telling you that I write the Transplantable Rose as Annie in Austin, and the Divas of the Dirt as Glinda. Maybe some of you have looked at the Diva site already?

The women in our gardening group have had a pretty exciting experience recently – the Austin American Statesman became interested in our story, and featured us in today’s newspaper. The article in the Austin American Statesman is called Digging, Dishing and Derring-Do, written by Julie Bonnin.

To make it even more fun, another Julie, Julie Ardery from the Human Flower Project used that story as the nucleus for her post today. If you’d like to take a look, here’s the link to the Human Flower Project take on the Diva article, with links to the original Statesman article.

If you want even more Diva adventures with photos – there’s now a YouTube with our theme song on the Diva page. I'm going for a few more antacid tablets now - this has been a little stressful!

"We Are The Divas Of The Dirt"


  1. I wish I had such a group in Indianapolis, it sounds so fun. I think I'll start with my two sisters who garden and go from there.

    And now there is a certain tune that I can't get out of my head... "we are the divas of the dirt...".

    What fun! Congrats to all of you.

  2. Oh, Annie, you're a star! And I love the Garbo glasses and hat, you shrinking violet, you! Your group is fabulous and how nice to have fun AND be productive. Love the "Divas of the dirt" theme song too. To paraphrase you - "very cool"!

  3. how long before your one the Leno show?

  4. Carol, that sounds perfect - don't look for seven right away [the maximum number in Central TX] but look for two, and let a group develop from within, rather than impose structure from without.

    LostRoses, I do say 'cool' an little too frequently - left over from high school in the sixties, maybe. I'm glad you liked the song!

    Bill, you're pretty funny - Jay wouldn't know what to say to seven women at once - he can hardly handle 'em one at a time:)


  5. Maybe I didn't look in the right place, but who wrote the song and who designed the logo? It's nice to now have a face to go with Annie in Austin.

  6. I've been meaning to add Transplantable Rose and the Divas to my "Herd". Will try to tend to that garden this weekend!

    Now, to mosey on over and take a look at that YouTube!

  7. An antacid tablet? You should be glowing with pride and joy for the multiple positives of the whole effort, the group itself, the gardening done and the blogging connections to top it all off. It is way cool!

  8. That sounds like a great idea, but
    I am wondering why there are seven of you, and you are the only one with a shovel? :)

  9. Hi Kathy! I drew the Diva cartoon before we had the website, just to make the other Divas laugh. They liked it enough to make it the logo. When we gave a talk at a local nursery last spring, I wrote the song as entrance music.

    Hi Cowtown Pattie - nice to hear from you. I enjoy your blog, too.

    Christopher, we do realize that we have a wonderful thing going on here! The antacid moments came because we had no idea what the reporter would say about us or how the photos would look. When we first heard from the paper, it was for a small story on the back page of the feature section, where they run garden stuff on Saturdays. We were not expecting the front page of the Style section.

    Gary, I hate to disappoint you, but the blonde with the shovel isn't me, and the photographer told her to hold the shovel. I'm the oldest Diva, lurking at lower right in the Spy VS Spy getup. You're more likely to see me with a pole pruner.


  10. Well, now you have 3 names! And you and the other Divas are famous! I'm so impressed :)
    It does sound like lots of fun, and very productive at the same time. It must help motivate, when a person alone (or with reluctant hubby) might not even contemplate a project.
    I love the idea!
    Love the song too :)
    Thanks for your concern. I'm happy to report that our culvet is no longer dangerous. It was a small flood compared to the first one in June.

  11. How fun! I'll take a look at the other sites for sure. Congrats!

  12. Ok, I'll bite. Why "Annie" in Austin, other than it has a very nice ring to it? (Are you a sharpshooter like Annie Oakley?)

    Love that cake, by the way. It must have taken hours to do the design! Were you able to slice it, or has it been frozen for posterity?

  13. Annie, you have quite the lovely voice. I kept thinking, "Tom Waits would approve..." because I just read an interview of him in the Plain Dealer where he says he likes to put the name of a town, the weather, and an item of food in a song. You 2 of the 3 there--Austin and cake! ;)

  14. Thanks for coming, Kerri and Pam~ I love your comments.

    Kim, after that compliment you'd get the whole cake. Tom Waits, be still my heart!

    Firefly, I used Anna Walsh/Annie in Austin for genealogy and for commenting, long before I ever thought of making a blog, and the sound was a part of the appeal.
    I just gravitated toward that name - it's derived from family history, and many women named Ann/Anne/Annie/Anna have been important in my life, including quite a few friends & relatives, as well as among fictional, famous or historical characters: Anne the Fair Witness from 'Stranger in A Strange Land', Annie Liebovitz, Ann Bancroft, Annie Dillard, "Annie Hall", 'Anna & the King of Siam', etc. Annie Oakley was one of the first. Gail Davis played the part of Annie Oakley on TV when I was a child in Chicago; my uncle bought me the cowgirl hat and outfit for a birthday, earning my everlasting gratitude.

    I have also found out that Annie can say things which Kathy might not say! And that Glinda is nicer than either of us:)


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