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Welcome! As "Annie in Austin" I blog about gardening in Austin, TX with occasional looks back at our former gardens in Illinois. My husband Philo & I also make videos - some use garden images as background for my original songs, some capture Austin events & sometimes we share videos of birds in our garden. Come talk about gardens, movies, music, genealogy and Austin at the Transplantable Rose and listen to my original songs on YouTube. For an overview read Three Gardens, Twenty Years. Unless noted, these words and photos are my copyrighted work.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

My Austin Entomologist

Stinkbug,Clerodendrum,AnnieinAustinIt's been a few months since I made a YouTube for y'all - and November is a month that could use a little comedy. This song fits pretty well with the others in my pipedream of a musical play, "Roots in Austin". It's a song that should be sung by a younger, hot, man-crazy blonde, but since no one else volunteered, once again you get old, not-hot Annie and a piano.
Loralynn is the name of the character who sings this song. She's a girl who starts out focused on the
scientist but soon becomes interested in the science.

Conversations with Vertie inspired me to write this Bug Geek Song - and both Vert and Iris helped with photos. I hope it cheers up your November weekend.

This copyrighted song, "My Austin Entomologist ~The Bug Geek Song" was composed and performed by "Annie in Austin" and the video was made by Philo in Austin.
You can f
ind more of our songs at YouTube Station Kaefka.


  1. How exciting, another song from Roots in Austin! It made for a great start to the weekend.

    Bug geek pals? Every gardener needs one, male or female, to help identify the good bugs from "those that ought to go".

    And any gardener who needs to embrace insects should watch and listen a few times to get used to seeing bugs of all shapes and sizes, especially those martian looking mantids.

    So when do we get to take a peak at the script for this musical?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. I can't wait to see the musical in full costume with full songs sung.

    I would love to meet an entomologist too. Walk through the garden and learn just what the bugs are.....

    Great song Annie. You and Philo make a good team.

  3. Annie,
    That was wonderful! I had the speakers turned up and I even heard Jamie chuckle from the bedroom a couple of times.(he's finding it difficult to leave such a comfy place this frozen morning)Your song managed to lure him out of the bed and he just walked down the hallway with a cup of coffee in his hand humming it. LOL Have a good weekend.-Randy

  4. Loved it, Annie. I think Garden Geek really do go well with Bug Geeks, don't you? Thanks for my early morning song.~~Dee

  5. Annie, That was a delightful song! So often I have wanted to break into celebratory song and you do! What a wonderful talent you have. Thank you for sharing! Gail

  6. Absolutely wonderful! I feel so honored to have been a part of it. I'm sending the link to all my friends and family.

  7. Great bug song, Annie. And what a lovely voice you have!

  8. I will never look at bugs again in the same way. I never thought of them as matchmakers!

  9. I thought my favorite line was going to be the boot toe twist--until I got to the sexual fantasies, a la mantises. Not.

    At that point I was out of my chair laughing. (Very rare.) Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  10. Great Job, Annie! You and Philo know how to entertain. I thought it was very funny :o) I, too, would like to know someone who can ID my bugs :o)

  11. I hoped this would amuse you!

    Carol - even if we don't make judgments as to good or bad, humans like to know the names of stuff, don't we?
    One of these days the blog will go on hiatus so I can get the book of the play in coherent form!

    Thanks for that wish, Lisa at Greenbow - think I need an "angel"!

    The idea of people humming a song I wrote is irresistible, Randy - hope your weekend is a good one, too.

    Without insects most plants wouldn't bother to make flowers, right, Dee? So bug geeks and flower geeks are a natural pair!

    Thnak you, Gail - videos can be an excuse to use our favorite photos!

    I'm so glad you liked it, Vertie, and am looking forward to more of your entomological adventures ;-]

    Thanks, Renee - my voice might be too low to actually be lovely but it's suited for cabaret/music hall songs so I no longer wish to be a soprano!

    For a girl like Loralynn, Tabor - anything can lead to romance!

    You have the secret of me, MSS of Zanthan...Vertie started me off composing, but once I rhymed mantises & fantasies there just had to be a YouTube. I'm so glad you liked it.

    You have an online staff identifying your birds, Mary - bet any bug photos on your blog would bring out the amateur entomologists in droves!

    Thanks for enjoying our video,

    Annie & Philo

  12. Brava! I love your voice. You should podcast.

  13. Thanks for getting my morning started with a smile and a chuckle, Annie! Love all those mantis photos(!); I laughed out loud about the line about "sexual fantasies." I would love to have an entomologist visit my garden, too, so I would know which ones were good and which ones "had to go" with that boot stomp:)

    I don't think you need a younger, blonde hottie to sing this; you're perfect for the part, Annie:)

  14. Annie, I can picture you performing this on the grounds of The Natural Gardener as Vertie and her fellow entomologists sway in time to the music. Another classic composition ... Bravo!

  15. I triple, triple all of the other commenters-bravo!

  16. Annie, you absolutely CRACK ME UP!!! That song is wonderful, and I can't imagine anyone else singing it but you.

    Amazing! :-)

  17. Hi Annie,
    Somehow, the idea of you writing a musical about an entomological romance doesn't surprise me in the least! :-) A very fun song indeed, and kudos to Philo for the well timed video as well. I just knew you had to rhyme "mantises" with "fantasies," and you sure didn't disappoint! Great stuff all round, and good luck on the book ... when does it hit the Austin Stage?

  18. Gosh...double wow!! How delightful this is and as the younger crowd says...just awesome!
    I am very impressed with your talents and creativity and how nicely this jazzed up your blog!

    Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving.

    Jon at Mississippi Garden

  19. Hi Annie, I see you as a cabaret singing going strong! That low voice is perfect for the tune and you are still plenty hot, I'll bet Philo thinks so too! It's all about the attitude.

  20. No hot blonde necessary when you are in the room!

  21. Thanks for allowing me to contribute to your latest very fun and clever production! Great job! I'm still humming it.

  22. Thanks for saying that, Chuck - wonder what equipment is needed for podcasting?

    PrairieRose, I thought about asking for your wonderful "Mantids in the Act" photo but then it would have to be the Illinois entomologist and it didn't scan right ;-]

    What an imagination you have, Cindy from Katy - I like that pipe dream.

    Thanks very much, Tina - I'm glad you liked it.

    Making you laugh was my aim, Jo - thanks for watching and commenting!

    It may never turn into a real play, but I keep acting as if it will happen, IVG - and obvious rhymes don't scare me if they're still funny/

    Jon - thank you for your kind words - it's good to know you enjoyed the song. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

    For the past couple of years, "Annie in Austin" has let me have some attitude in public, Frances! I think some of it's slopping over into private life. Thanks for listening!

    Don't we all have a little Marilyn in our souls, Layanee? It's weird to think that if she lived, she'd already be 82.

    I appreciate the help, Iris - and love the idea of you humming along!

    Thanks for watching the video and commenting,


  23. Hi again Annie! (IVG's evil twin here...)

    Not to burst your wonderful song bubble (may it sail long and far!), but I just had to pass along a sad tidbit I saw last night. Had you heard that evil (Disney) ABC is canceling Pushing Daisies after this year's 13 episodes? Figures, I thought... they did the same thing to Twin Peaks back in the day, but I thought PD had actually built up a good following. Guess we better enjoy it while we can, though I did read some snippets of an interview with Kristen Chenowith saying that there's an off chance it may get shopped around to the cable networks who might give it a better chance. We'll see!

    Thanks again for the tip off about this marvelous series! BTW, did you see last week's episode with Fred Willard? Add in Paul F. Tompkins (the 'geek') and that was some inspired casting! Lots of fun.

  24. Annie,
    I love your bug geek song. I'm a sort of bug geek and I have many bug geek friends. You Tube is the perfect place to showcase all your talents, singing, composing, playing the piano . I am envious.
    You cheered me up. Thanks.

  25. Annie, you seem to be on a creative roll recently. I like it that you work out the characters who sing the songs you write. The bug pics were suitably gross, well some of them.;-)

  26. Ah yes, there's a wee bit of Marilyn in you Annie, for sure! Your sense of humor is delightful, and your voice suits this song well...as I said before - it's sultry :)
    I could understand the words quite a bit better this time because your voice was louder and clearer, but still missed a few words here and there. My hearing isn't the greatest.
    Great job Annie! Thanks for the chuckle :)

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    the great information that we both saw and could not believe
    how interesting it was for the both of us, very great blog. Thank you!

  28. This was just hilarious. 'I want to meet an entomologist'. Boy, that just was a loaded sentence - and then the whole mantis thing. Really funny.

  29. Love the song, especially the part about the mantis!

  30. Oops - looks like I never answered these comments!

    IVG, two months after your comment whether we'll ever get to see the unaired shows is up in the air...I keep checking Pushing Daisies on IMDb but no one knows anything solid.

    I think of you as very in tune with nature, Chigiy so the bug geek part fits in! Glad I cheered you up.

    I actually have a story line with the characters intersecting, Yolanda Elizabet...fun playing with imaginary people!

    Oh Kerri - I like that term Sultry! Maybe in future we can figure out the technology so you get all the wordplay!

    Daryl, I don't think you have a real blog, but a vitamin ad is pretty innocuous so didn't delete you.

    Thank you very much, Pam in SC - you know I try to make every word count!

    Welcome Wizzie Brown, the REAL entomologist. Knowing you enjoyed the song makes me very happy!

    Thanks for the comments!



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