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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


There have been a few changes to this post - new information is in red.

This post lists addresses for local places where I’ve bought plants and supplies. Most of them are independent. I usually try to get things at an independent nursery first, but if I’m in a Lowe’s, I’ll check the plants out and also will look at the plants outside groceries like Sun Harvest or HEB. [Both Lowe’s and HEB grocery frequently carry some organic products.] I also go to sales held by a garden clubs and plant societies and to sales run by Austin organizations like the Wildflower Center; I've found many plants at the Spring festival at Zilker Park; it's now called Zilker Fest, but long-time Austinites may prefer the former name of Florarama.

John Dromgoole’s The Natural Gardener, far SW near Oak Hill, tons of plants, décor and supplies, including dig-your-own soil amendments. It’s an amazing place! Go there! John also has a call-in radio show and appears on television.
[If you're at work, turn down the sound, or your coworkers will hear a rooster crow.]

Garden-Ville for compost, potting soil, and dig-it-yourself decomposed granite, 10624 N FM 620, far NW Austin. Gardenville no longer lets people dig and bag the soils, composts, etc., themselves - we were there in May 2007. There's a chance they may allow it again if they can redesign the materials lot, making a separate loading area for small, hand dug orders; they wish to avoid having humans and machines working in the same area.

Sunset Valley Farmers Market has several vendors who sell interesting plants, including vegetables, herbs, banana plants, brugmansia, and perennials;

Red Barn Nursery, 12881 Pond Springs Rd, in NW Austin, perennials, annuals, vines, shrubs, trees. This area was originally called Jollyville, and the building was once the historical Thompson home. Some of the Divas of the Dirt remember when the grounds were a mini-golf course. Phone 335-8093.

Hill Country Nursery Gardens, 13561 Pond Springs Rd, in NW Austin, Trees, pots, plants, annuals, vegetable plants. Well-known for hanging baskets. Phone 512- 258-0093.

Countryside Nursery & Landscaping, 13292 Pond Springs Rd, NW Austin,
Perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees and a lot of organic products. Phone 512-249-0100

The Great Outdoors, 2730 S. Congress Ave. Central South Austin, plants and containers in a lovely setting, with a little venue for coffee & tea and stuff to go with them. See an enormous windchime hanging in a humongus live oak.

McIntire’s Garden Center, 303 Leander Rd, Georgetown, TX, an old fashioned place with roses up north of Austin

It's A Jungle, 907 Kramer Lane in North Austin off Lamar. Tons of roses, orchids and exotic plants.

Shoal Creek Nursery, Hancock Drive (between Mopac & Shoal Creek) Austin, TX 78746. Phone is 458-5909 .

Barton Springs Nursery, 3601 Bee Cave RdWest Lake Hills, TX 78746(512) 328-6655 is a favorite of many friends, including Austin Garden Bloggers. I need to get there, too!

Kimas Tejas Nursery , 962 State Highway 71E , Bastrop, Texas 78602, , far southeast, organic type place in the country, trees, plants and supplies http://www.texasgrown.com/ [Back in January, we heard that this nursery had closed. I had a note from Steve Bridges in May 2007, "We have since opened back up and will be here now on a seasonal basis; March, April, May, June – Wednesday thru Saturday, closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
Closed July and August. Open for fall in September, October and November. Closed December, January and February."]

MSStevens from Zanthan also recommends Sledd Nursery, near downtown Austin.
Last year we visited Floribunda, a design studio with gorgeous pots and unusual plants, 2041 South Lamar Blvd., Central South Austin.

Pam/Digging links to her list of nurseries on the right sidebar at her site

Gone But Not Forgotten

Marbridge Garden Center, part of the Marbridge Foundation in far south Austin used to sell lots of plants and unusual shrubs, but as of December 2006, Marbridge no longer sells plants to the public, reserving the gardens for horticultural therapy. Here is a link to the announcement:


  1. Barton Springs Nursery on Bee Caves is one of my faves. They have lots of antique roses and native plants.

  2. Hi Emily,

    Pam and MSS have Barton Springs on their favorite nurseries list - if I lived closer, I might be hanging out there, too. RSorrell has mentioned It's A Jungle, Shoal Creek Nursery, and the Great Outdoors. It appears that we're all trying to keep our local companies in business!


  3. I was deeply saddened to drive to Marbridge Nurseries only to find that it has permanently closed. Howard's Nursery on Allandale/2222/290 nearish Highland Mall has also closed, as has the Red Barn location on Slaughter.

    Don't buy Home Depot or Lowe's or Walmart, folks, it kills our local businesses.

  4. Hello, Anonymous,

    The rumors were up last fall that Marbridge might close, but the closing may be a result of realigned goals and changes in administration rather than of competition. I'm not sure what's going on with Kimas Tejas.

    As to Howard's Nursery, that was the subject of a previous post: http://annieinaustin.blogspot.com/2006/06/howards-tall-farewell.html

    Pam/Digging mentioned Shoal Creek Nursery, and we went there in late fall. There was a lot to look at, and I've been pleased with what we bought there.


  5. In addition to Barton Springs Nursery (where almost all my plants have come from...it's owned by a friend of a friend and I used to work around the corner from it), there's Gardens. Gardens is Austin's high-end nursery. They have a gorgeous gift shop that always makes me wish I'd won the lottery.

    If you've never been there, we should go there sometime. It's pretty close to where Pam/Digging lives.

  6. I live in Bastrop, Kima's is permanently closed. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for letting me know, Gene, even though I hate to hear that this nursery is gone. We were happy with the plants we bought at Kimas Tejas and it was a fun place to visit.


  8. Don't forget Big Red Sun.

    Also, how about Pots and Plants at Bee Cave Rd. and Hwy. 360--the one with all the pink flamingos? None of us ever mentions it. It's off the beaten track for me but not really any further away than Barton Springs Nursery. Here's the website: http://www.plasticpinkflamingos.com/. Someone should go and give us a report.

  9. I live south and my favorite nurseries are Barton Springs and Natural Gardener. I've gone several times to Pots and Plants, and truthfully, their prices are higher than other places for the same things. And unfortunately, I've never found that they have anything unique or different from the other places in town.

  10. Thanks for looking through the archives and giving us a report, Robin at Getting Grounded! Even though we live far NW, it's worth the trip to go to the Natural Gardener for bulk soils and composts as well as plants.

    MSS of Zanthan took MayDreams Carol and me to Gardens during Spring Fling... lots of lovely stuff way out of my price range, but they also had well-priced annuals like ornamental sweet potato vines and heirloom tomatoes.

    Barton Springs Nursery is so highly recommended that I'd like to get there more often - but their parking lot freaks me out.



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