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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bowled Over


  1. You have harvested these ALREADY? Are you kidding? My first tomato will roll in around September, if it shows up at all.


  2. Wow! My husband is so disappointed that we haven't had tomatoes the last three years that I don't dare show him this photo. Unfortunately the trees grew up around my vegetable patch, so I haven't had a veggie garden for a long time. Come fall, I might put some tomatoes in the meadow.

    I'm surprised that your tomatoes set with this year's early heatwaves and all this drought. We're having wacky weather. Can you believe that it's going to be down to 60 tonight? We'll enjoy sleeping with the windows open tonight.

  3. I am so jealous! I was really excited to spot an Early Girl Tomato that's about the size of a grape in my garden today. But this post has given me a case of Tomato Envy. Enjoy.

  4. We're thrilled, too, but know it won't last! Texas tomato season fizzles fast once the heat starts, so you'll be happy in August while we have only memories of slicing tomatoes.

    But the little ones might keep going - in previous years our Juliets produced those small egg-shaped fruits month after month, as long as they had water and organic foliar-feeding.


  5. No wonder you receive so many comments with mouth-watering photos like these! Beautiful harvest.

  6. My little tomato plants have just started to flower! Here in the Foothills of the Sierra we are 3 to 4 weeks behind the folks in Sacratomato, only 45 miles, as the crow flies, but a lot farther in the season. Well done Annie.

  7. Well, I'm very envious, but after reading everyone else's comments, I guess I'm not doing so poorly. I've got three tomatoes that are nearly ripe right now, and I've been able to harvest a few already. It's been a serious challenge for me to keep the bugs off of them this year.

  8. Beautiful! How many tomato plants do you have?
    My husband is the same way about tomatoes.
    I told him it would be impossible
    to ever plant enough. He buys them by the box
    at the fruit stands. My 15 month old son
    loves them too. If you leave the box on the floor
    he sneaks in and eats them!

  9. What a great looking harvest. I'm going to be big about it and not whine that I don't have any yet. I know good things come to those who wait, and I, too, shall hopefully be posting, at some point this summer, such a picture with a big haul of tomatoes. In the meantime, enjoy your harvest. You've earned it!

  10. OMG! My tomatoes are still mostly green and I live in California's Central Valley... in "Sacratomato" for Pet's sake. Your June harvest is amazing!


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