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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Divide & Multiply

Over at Pam/Digging’s blog, I mentioned this Crème Brulee Coreopsis, and promised a photo when it began to bloom. Last fall I rescued a distressed-looking pot of this coreopsis from the bargain table at Lowe’s. It was marked down to only $2!
I pulled it apart and replanted all the little sections. [Cheap, cheap, cheap.] This spring there were five survivors, and some have started to bloom. I like the color in this area, with a lemony Achillea ‘Moonshine’ and a lemony daylily, Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’. There’s a clump of silver-grey Lambs Ears [Stachys byzantina] and a purple Salvia greggii weaving through, too.
Over by the obelisk, there are two more divisions of the coreopsis almost ready to bloom. For a price equal to two lottery tickets, I won quite a floral prize, don’t you think?


  1. How pretty! I had one coreopsis, out of a whole packet, come up from seed this year. I'd say your $2 was well spent.

  2. What a sweet plant, and it looks really great with the lamb's ear. I used to grow 'Sunrise' coreopsis, but it always got a little crispy by the middle of summer. How thirsty does this variety get?

  3. I haven't really tried perennials from seed here, R. Just some annual vines and self-seeders like larkspur.

    My beds are not very established, and I'm sure they're watered more than yours, Pam, but so far this Coreopsis doesn't wilt faster than the Salvias. We'll see what happens in August! I imagine they'll have to be cut back to keep them blooming... with 5 plants I can experiment a little and see how they respond.


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