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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Visitor to the Rosemary

Look, look! Somebody else likes the troughs - an Indigo Bunting*!

{*Duh, noticed the error after the second cup of coffee - it's a Painted Bunting .}

Although this post was supposed to be the total view from the breakfast room window [following in the path of Austin Zanthan and Christopher in Hawaii], when I saw this lovely bird, it was too exciting and had to be shared.


  1. Wonderful! I would love to see one of those in my yard.

  2. What a stroke of luck or great planning to capture the Bunting in flight in a photograph.

    I like too that you picked up on The View from My Window. I thought it would be cool if that spread out and lots of bloggers did a post on that, kind of like a "meme" which I don't really understand fully. I felt like my little blog lacked the reach and audience to start such a thing or else I just forgot to mention it. Maybe you were reading my mind.

    I went to Zanthan blog and that brought back a discussion from way back on GW about the subject, where yes there are many places, particularly in warm climates where gardens are designed for viewing from inside.

  3. What reflexes to photo the bird on the wing! I saw a hummingbird perched yesterday. I've never seen that before in my life, and by the time I even thought "photo," the little bird had flown away.

  4. Oh are you lucky! What a bird, and to capture it in flight too! You are obviously very skilled with your digital. I once went whale-watching and captured 12 shots of waves cresting. No whales. Darn digital lag.

    Glad you shared this photo!

  5. I've never seen a Painted Bunting. I had to look them up- I didn't realize that it's a native bird. I thought it must be some type of exotic that escaped at some point. How pretty!

  6. When I was in 5th grade, Santa delivered a model kit to build a plastic Painted Bunting. Ever since, I've hoped to see one and it's been a long wait!

    Our house is not large and has only one story, so I could get the camera fast. There were no special skills involved - just dumb luck.

    I wonder what he liked? They're supposed to eat seeds and insects, which are in good supply around here.

  7. Dumb luck or not, great picture!

  8. Wow Annie, you sure were quick to catch a shot of the bunting. You must have great reflexes :) I saw an indigo bunting once, years ago. I don't think I've ever seen a painted bunting, except in photos. Lucky you!!

  9. Very good! It's really hard to capture birds!

    I haven't seen any painted buntings here, but we do have indigo buntings during the summer who happily partake of our birdfeeders' bounties. I love seeing them and have tried to photograph them without success.

  10. Such a nice visitor.


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