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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yesterday afternoon, a 15-minute shower dampened the ground and washed the dust off the leaves. This morning there is genuine rain – three-quarters of an inch in the gauge at eight AM. Seeing the drops hit the earth lifts the spirit of the gardener, and I’m feeling joy on a personal scale.

Two of today’s newspaper stories dealt with the ‘big picture’, the extremes of our country’s relationships with water. The stories were about two cities that Philo & I have briefly seen, but don't really know.

Near-Dust Bowl conditions in the middle of our country meant that for the first time there’s no corn to decorate the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. We visited this fun and wacky celebration of agriculture in 1996, just passing through on our way to Devil's Tower.

Uncontrollable, huge amounts of water meant that we're still mourning the destruction of New Orleans one year ago. We've only seen this city from Interstate 10, passing through on our way to the ocean a couple of weeks ago.

Austin needs something like 15-inches of rain to break the drought, but don't want it all at once! For whatever falls today I am grateful.


  1. Oh, I was so glad for the little shower we got this morning. But of course, I'm a gardener, and I want more! MORE!

    But not too much...

  2. We've been holding steady on rain this year in my neck of the woods, for which I am grateful. The balance of nature is a delicate thing. Thanks for a thoughtful post to remind us that we could easily be getting too little or too much rain!

  3. I wish we could share some of our rain with you...and whoever else needs it (like the Aussies). We've had intermittent rain since Thursday, sometimes quite heavy. I'm really ready for some sunshine! We've had more than our share this spring and summer.
    We went to see Devil's Tower back in 1979. What a great and diversified country this is!

  4. I'm so glad to hear you got some rain. I hope it was enough without being overwhelming or worse. Re the clematis on my blog, yes, it is the texensis hybrid "duchess of albany" as you thought.

  5. Thanks for offering to share, Kerri! Your gardens look incredibly lush next to ours, and Carol's vegetables do, too.

    Martha, we could garden with our fingers crossed for more rain, but then it's hard to hold the tools.

    Kati, Pam/Digging had the same clematis on one of her posts from Austin, so maybe I can coax the Duchess to live with me.

  6. I think the drop in temperature was even more welcome than the rain. We didn't get as much in South Austin but it was very welcome. When I scratched the surface of the dirt it had only penetrated about 1/32 of an inch. The first oxblood lily opened the next day. So fall is officially here even if it was back to 103 today.


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