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Monday, July 24, 2006

Self-seeded beauty

Last year some sunflowers appeared along the back fence. At first I thought the squirrels dropped them, on a trip from someone’s birdfeeder. But they looked like a taller version of the ones along the roadside – a wild sunflower instead of one cultivated for seeds or oil. The clump was too crowded so I thinned them, used some twine to stand them up after a storm and gave them a little water. The sunflowers bloomed, were demolished by squirrels, then died over the winter.

New sunflowers appeared this year in the same area. Once again I chose a couple of the healthiest seedlings, gave them a drink now and then and watched the biggest one take off, tying it to the fence as it reached upward. The top of the boards is six feet high, so these are tall flowers – laughing at the weather with just a little help from a friend.


  1. I should remember the name but I don't. I grew for several years the multi-flowered red and yellow/orange toned sunflowers. They were so much fun and just so cheerful when they bloomed.

    Just looking at that picture brings back memories.

  2. I planted sunflowers this year, and they came up, but I think I should have watered them more. I have them in a part of the garden where even the cosmos are dying of thirst. Oh, well- maybe next year.

  3. I love sunflowers, and I've grown them a couple of times, but gave up because of squirrels. (That was back in the day when I wasn't willing to share at all - now, I'm willing to share... a little bit.) Your picture reminded me to add sunflowers to the list of things to try again. They're so cheerful - plus being a nice vertical element in the scheme of things.

  4. Those sunflowers are amazing! So tall! Mine are all shorter than me still, even the so-called "Russian Giant"


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