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Welcome! As "Annie in Austin" I blog about gardening in Austin, TX with occasional looks back at our former gardens in Illinois. My husband Philo & I also make videos - some use garden images as background for my original songs, some capture Austin events & sometimes we share videos of birds in our garden. Come talk about gardens, movies, music, genealogy and Austin at the Transplantable Rose and listen to my original songs on YouTube. For an overview read Three Gardens, Twenty Years. Unless noted, these words and photos are my copyrighted work.
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Austin Pond Tour - still time

Today was the day for the first half of the Austin Pond Society's 2006 tour. DivaAnnie met us and we viewed 12 gardens with water features, generally located in the southern half of the Austin area. There is something new this year - two gardens will be open in Westlake this evening. Then tomorrow [Sunday] there will be 14 additional water gardens, spread out over the northern part of the greater Austin area. Even if you missed today's water gardens, it's worth the ten bucks to see the second half tomorrow.

Austin Pond Society Tour 2006


  1. Hi Annie,
    I have so enjoyed reading through your blog and learning. And it has inspired me to get back to gardening. I, too, am a Southside Chicagoan (Blue Island). I miss lilacs and lillies of the valley.
    Your June tomatoes made my mouth water. Divas of the Dirt...y'all should do a call-in radio show on KLBJ-AM.
    A new regular reader, Adrienne

  2. Thank you so much for reading it, Adrienne. I've enjoyed your writing for a long time, so this is rather overwhelming compliment. Radio might be fun, because being in the Divas of the Dirt has been one of the nicest things about living in Austin. But when we're together, it's solid conversation. The call-in people would never get a chance to talk!

    My husband & I raised our kids in the Western Suburbs, but we both grew up on the SW Side. Blue Island has good vibes for us -St Francis Hospital has saved several lives in my extended family, and there are some great people working there.

    About the lilacs and lilies of the valley - they are both scented, and maybe that's why I crave fragrant plants. So many of the plants of my childhood were also scented - was that your experience, too?


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