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Friday, December 05, 2014

My Blog Does NOT Belong to Texas Outdoorsmen!

Are you seeing this blog post on blogspot? Or are you seeing it at TexasOutdoorsmen dot com? 

if you're seeing my posts and photos on the TexasOutdoorsmen dot com site, it is absolutely without my permission. This website has been copying my garden blog and garden blogs belonging to many of my garden friends, and we want it to stop.

I may not post that often, but putting my copyrighted words and photos on my blog does not mean that other websites can proceed to repost my work - and it's especially annoying when my work is used to pump up those websites to attract revenue-producing ads.


Darn it, I was actually in the mood to tell you what's been happening in the garden, and how beautiful the Oak Leaf Hydrangea has been this year...

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


  1. Don't they know you should ask permission? Geez. I see it in Blogspot. Good luck making them stop it.

  2. I am reading your post on your blogspot blog. Earlier this morning another blogger wrote about this same Outdoorsmen blog. When I looked later to see if others had commented on her blog the post had been removed.

    I looked at Outdoorsmen -- it appears to be a bunch of college students. They know better and need reprimanding for plagiarism as well as theft of intellectual property.

  3. Thanks Lisa and Jean for the support!

  4. They're idiots if they don't know better. I'm reading you on blogger as usual. Okay, now can I say that is one gorgeous oak-leaf hydrangea? Merry Christmas!

  5. What color! Is it always so or is it this very colorful fall we have been having? I think the whole thing with that website is over. Maybe it was just an innocent thing and they thought they were doing us a favor! Glad to see you back and thanks for keeping a check on such goings on.

  6. Hi Lost Roses and Rock Rose! The Oak Leaf hydrangea had this intense color in 2011, but the shrub is a lot bigger now so it has more pop. Also, my area had three freezes with temperatures between 25F and 29F that froze back most of the showy perennials. Maybe the lack of competition makes the color seem more brilliant?

    Rock Rose - it's around 8pm Friday and my posts are still up on that ripoff website, so not over yet for me!

  7. I am seeing you on Blogger. I would be upset about that too. I had that happen to me at least one time in the past. Who knows if it still goes on?

  8. Thanks for the head's up! I'm seeing this on Blogger, too. I looked at their site and didn't see my posts, but do vaguely remember they linked to mine in the past. Will check into it further.

  9. I am seeing this on Blogger. I've heard of other bloggers complaining that this has happened to them, too. Sheesh, takes all the fun out of blogging when people have to steal others' words and photos. Your hydrangea is gorgeous!

  10. Oh! That Oakleaf Hydrangea is beautiful. I lost 4 last Spring from root rot. 😢


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