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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chilly Peppers

We've had our usual up-and-down weather here in Austin - mild weather interrupted by several freezes and some rain to soften the ground. I missed GBBD, but a few days ago the sun felt warm as I clipped back some of the dead plants. What a surprise to find a handful of peppers still firm & fresh on the two plants next to the back house wall next to the Meyer's Lemon tree. The leaves of the pepper plants had been hit by frost but the stems were still green. Annieinaustin, Holy Mole Peppers in JanuaryThese are 'Holy Mole' peppers - very hot little devils. These will belong to Philo ... not me!

I didn't make a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post - but there are a few photos of January flowers and a late GBBD List with botanical names over at Annie's Addendum.


  1. Those are pretty peppers too Annie. Good to hear from you.

  2. NIce winter treasures. Nothing would survive where I am, of course.

  3. Nice to find something this green in the dead of winter. Even their name sounds hot:)

  4. Those peppers are so pretty, Annie. Isn't it wonderful that we can escape the dangers of winter with a few little surprise survivors? I was so excited to harvest my carrot yesterday, in spite of our freezes. But then Kylee told me they survive in Ohio through the coldest winters!

  5. They look great Annie, but I wouldn't eat them either ;-)

  6. Wow, I'm so jealous of your peppers!! Ours have been long frozen. I guess you might experience that soon though - good luck with the upcoming bad weather!

  7. I noticed you were having some nice mild weather mixed in with the freezes, Annie. Those warmer temps sure sound good to me right now.
    What did this latest storm bring your way I wonder?
    How nice to find fresh peppers in the garden at this time of year. I stick to the mild peppers too. No Holy Moles for me!
    I enjoyed seeing your January blooms, especially that lovely Kalanchoe. Must be such a delight to have Camelias!

  8. Hi everyone - thanks for commenting!

    The garden is being hit hard now - no big snows like the middle of the USA, but temps of 14 degrees F are low for Austin where pipes are exposed and houses aren't built for real winters.

    We were in the 70's a few days ago with daffodils starting to open and new leaves beginning to appear... think the plants must be shocked. I expected to say goodbye to marginal plants, but with such temperature swings and no snow cover, we may also lose many of the 'normal' ones.

    I sure hope all of you are okay and making it through this February weather!


  9. Those are some good looking peppers! hope the weather is treating you nice


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