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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Little Fall Color for Thanksgiving

This post has few words - just photos of the Oakleaf Hydrangea looking good in its first autumn in Texas soil Annieinaustin, Oakleaf Hydrangea

and another look at the 'Marilyn's Choice' Abutilon...a plant that grew large but bloomed little since spring. Annieinaustin, Marilyn's choice abutilonThe buds began to form on the abutilon almost as soon as the first leaves fell from the pecan tree, which may be a sign that its spot is too shady.

Whatever the trigger, this Abutilon is now covered in flowersAnnieinaustin, Abutilon,camera test, Face recognition
just in time for freeze warnings on Friday.Annieinaustin, Abutilon Marilyn's choice
This is the abutilon's first year in my garden- can Marilyn keep blooming after a freeze?)Annieinaustin,Marilyn's Choice abutilon in November

The fig tree made a small, late crop following the 12" rain in September. These 3 figs are almost ripe. Shall I pick them now or take a chance on a freeze?
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from Philo & Annie


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Annie. Your garden still looks good. I have noticed that Abutilons like it when it gets cooler and they bloom better when stressed.

  2. Looks like late summer there. Our leaves are now 90% down and we are waiting for a frost sometime soon. Have a happy turkey day.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. If the freeze was the first freeze here, I'd tell you to pick those figs because it is only going to get colder. But I know Austin could get warmer again. Roll of the dice?

    Anyway, hope you have a great day!

  4. Oakleaf Hydrangea is at the top of my wish list. I love the fall color of those leaves.
    Glad to see your 'Marilyn's Choice' is making blooms. Will the plant survive a freeze?
    We've had icy winds and frigid weather these past couple of days. I reluctantly carried all my geraniums upstairs yesterday. They were doing so well on the covered side porch but the temps were making me nervous.
    I'll be interested to know the outcome of your 3 little figs :)
    Hope you and Philo had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Annie!

  5. I'm convinced I need to find a spot for an oakleaf hydrangea--what beautiful fall foliage! I hope you picked those figs or they survived the freeze...fresh figs sound heavenly.

    Hope you and Philo had a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving too. Hope you had great time as well.

  7. So is the abutilon still blooming post-freeze? I find that mine do. Yes, they don't bloom much in the heat of summer but pick up when it's cooler.

  8. Thanks, Lisa at Greenbow - these abutilons are a new adventure for me... but if they like stress, TX weather should do it!

    We've had a couple of freezes and another is coming Saturday, Tabor - hope your day was good.

    I picked the figs on Thursday, Carol - and found out they are really good cut up in a bowl of hot steel-cut oatmeal!

    We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our daughter-in-law's extended family, Kerri - a light freeze hit last Friday am that got some tomatoes & Peppers and cosmos. Then a second freeze early Wednesday December 1st hit a few more plants. Anything I was trying to save was already under cover.

    I liked oakleaf hydrangea in Illinois, Prairie Rose so when I found this one on sale decided to take a chance... it's not thrilled to be in Texas but it's alive so far! This plant should love your garden!

    Thank you Annia.

    It looked okay today, Pam/Digging - guess as long as the frosts are like it will keep going?
    What surprised me was that the Euphorbia Diamond Frost planted in the same border was okay after last week's freeze but looks done for after Wednesday's freeze. Ah, well - it was a great plant all summer!

    Thanks for the comments,



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