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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Figgy Embrace for GGW Picture This Contest

The theme for this month's Gardening Gone Wild photo contest is Awakening - something that's already happening in Austin and coming soon to more Northern gardens, long under snow.

Thalia the Muse of Comedy influences many of my posts and today I'll let her rule my photos, too - this photo of my Celeste Fig Tree waking up amused me because it seems to be stretching and reaching out and declaring, "Embrace Spring!"AnnieinAustin,Figgy EmbraceHappy Spring to all of you!


  1. I can tell that these leaves remind me of the warm embraceable spring. Happy Spring to you too Annie. I hope you win.

  2. Happy Spring to you, Annie in Austin. I love the new green of those leaves. It is so vibrant and fresh and GREEN...

  3. I took some photos of skyscrapers in Chicago the other day in what might be called a "Foggy Embrace," LOL. I don't know from figgies.

  4. Hurray for green embraces! And hurray for Thalia the muse of comedy, without whom this world would be a pale and dull place. I love that she has such a part in your fabulous blogging history and present.

  5. Our fig, planted just last year, looks like it has survived the coldest and wettest winter...little buds just starting. I will have to post when it is a happy plant like yours.

  6. a side from fig newtons, I still have never had a fig. They are all over down here too. Must try one this year.

  7. I like your metaphor/analogy/humor ;-) It is a brilliant shade of 'spring-green'!

  8. I love those fresh green leaves!

  9. Thanks Lisa at Greenbow, don't think this is the kind of photo that wins contests, but maybe it can win smiles ;-]

    I do so remember wishing for this kind of green in Illinois after a long winter, MayDreams Carol! Have fun at the Indie Flower show!

    "Foggy Embrace" sounds misty romantic, but "FRoggy Embrace"...that would be a Disney movie, right Monica the Garden Faerie?

    Hi Jodi - if I ever meet you in person be prepared for green embraces!

    This fig is a Celeste, Tabor - sometimes subject to late frosts so fruit yield hasn't been great- I'm glad yours is okay!

    Welcome Michelle - love fig newtons myself ~ a fresh fig can be quite lovely just plain -have also had them stuffed with goat cheese, drizzled with honey & grilled.

    Thank you very much, Jan (Thanks For Today) -we need serious people, too ~ but I'm not very good at it ;-]

    The color will change with age and heat, Phillip - it's good to enjoy the tenderness of new spring leaves now!

    Thank you for commenting,


  10. Wow! That fig is quite far along. The buds on mine are still tight, little hint of green.

    Happy spring to you as well - what a relief that it has finally arrived! I was beginning to wonder...

  11. Yes! I'm ready to embrace spring!! (Thought you'd like an excess of exclamations.) Your photo certainly says, "wake up and see the green."

  12. You are so lucky to have those deliciously green leaves on your fig. Mine looks as 'dead as a door nail' I live in hope. Spring is nearly here, enjoy.

  13. Oh, great submission! It's all going to awaken soon, that's for sure. Let's hope the Muse of Comedy isn't laughing at our summer again.

  14. Happy Spring to you too Annie. Your picture makes me regret not buying some fig seedlings I saw at the show.

  15. The fig is on the south side of our house, Pam - maybe not the best place because the developing fruit are sometimes frozen by late frosts... bet your fig is safer!

    Exclaim away! We tried to embrace it, Mr McGregor's Daughter, but got the cold shoulder... 34F last night and maybe 31F tonight. Phooey!

    Oh, Lancashire Jenny sure hope your fig is just dormant and too smart to believe the calendar.

    Hi Linda from CTG thank you for liking the photo and hope it will be just gentle amused chuckles this summer. Last summer's laugh was more like Heath Ledger playing the Joker!

    Happy Spring to you, MR Brown Thumb. Maybe you should try to grow one some time? We had neighbors in Illinois who kept a fig tree alive in winter under leaves under a barrel sawed in half topped by bags of mulch. It was a lot of trouble but they did get figs in summer!

    Thanks for the comments,


  16. I am embracing spring...joyfully! Your fig tree deserves an embrace, sporting that wonderful green and those shiny new leaves. I'm so looking forward to seeing green again here in upstate NY!
    My first crocus blooms opened to the sunshine yesterday, but they're closed on this drizzly Monday.
    We've had a spate of beautiful, spring-like weather, but now we're in for some cloudy, rainy days. That's OK...spring has sprung and we are feeling renewed!
    I've been working at tidying the garden and all is well with the world :)
    Wonderful pic for the competition, Annie. Best of luck.
    Happy spring!!!! It feels great to share the elation with other gardeners :)


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