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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guest Posting New Song for Kiss My Aster

Many of you already know Amanda the zany gardener who writes a blog for Horticulture Magazine as Kiss My Aster. She's lots of fun both on the blog and on Twitter. Amanda recently invited me to premiere my new song on the Horticulture website and it was fun to be able to say "Yes".

Like Anna in "The King and I" doing her best to quell her fears by whistling a happy tune, I've tried to make it through this summer by writing a funny song and having Philo make it into a video.

Please check out Kiss My Aster's fun blog and " I Don't Want to Be in Texas In July" over at the Horticulture Mag Website.


  1. Annie - that is wonderful! What a beautiful song and melody. Who is singing with you? The content is funny (well, maybe not so funny) and the photos are great to see - but those cynical lyrics with that lovely melody is just a hoot! We're in cool Indiana where we've had chilly nights and a little rain. I don't wanna come home!

  2. Dust to mud, drought to flood! What a great little ditty, it made me smile.

    I left something for you over at my blog, by the way.

  3. Always a fun day when you publish a new song. Though, some of those images are painful for a gardener to see!

  4. How proud you must be. What a great song and makes me kind of sad at all the drought you have been having. Congrats!

  5. It's so understandable that you wouldn't want to be in Texas in July. Loved listening to your singing and am still wishing for a slow moving tropical storm to blow into Austin! gail

  6. I will have to pop over there and see what you have been up to.

  7. I love the song Annie. I hope you don't actually have a flood to stop the drought. Just a long deep rain to ease the pain.

  8. Another wonderful contribution Annie..I also hope your little yard doesn't fry!

  9. I don't think I'd want to be in Texas in July either, especially after seeing that indoor temperature reading! Your song is wonderful. :)

  10. I'm sure this will be funnier when the heat and drought break, Annie! Actually, it did elicit lots of chuckles. And how cool that you got to put it on the Horticulture site.

  11. It is great that you can find humor in the heat and drought! I loved the song, so funny (or is it?)LOL

    I hope you get relief soon!

  12. Thanks, Diana - Indiana sounds wonderful! Through the magic of a second track "Annie" sings the melody while Kathy adds harmony, if ya know what I mean!

    That line is usually true - glad you liked the song, Healing Magic Hands - will be over to visit in a while- thank you!

    Hope that taking the photos and posting them makes me "own" the experience enough to survive it, Carol!

    It's been fun, Tabor - hope the weather levels things out for all of us - those with too much heat and no water and those with too much water and not enough heat to get tomatoes!

    A slow moving rain system would be lovely, Gail - we moved to Texas in July ten years ago so knew it would be no picnic, but this is ridiculous!

    Thanks Lisa at Greenbow - both for liking the song and for the good wishes.

    Writing strange songs is a weird little talent, but it's what life handed me, Leslie - thank you.

    You might like it better in Austin when it's November or March, Nancy Bond - that's when we remember this can be a beautiful place. Thank you.

    Jim Spencer has given even MSS of Zanthan some hope we'll pull through, Pam/Digging! Glad you got a chuckle ;-]

    It was therapy to make the video, Phillip! Thanks for laughing.

    And thanks to all of you for commenting,


  13. I had a Baby in Texas in July once. It was terrible, but at least dry heat. I would hate to have a baby here, where it's so humid, now.

    Enjoyed your song. I read your blog regularly. Texas plants thrive at my place, too.

  14. Hi Annie.
    I have to say your post has just had me belly laughing out loud, so long, I am getting some dirty looks from my wife trying to watch a TV show!

    I refer to the "Kiss My Aster" reference...What a great blog name that would make.
    Off now to listen to the tune..


  15. What a great song! There were lots of good lines, like the agave grower who wants to cry...I'm so sorry that you guys are so dry, but thank you for entertaining us nonetheless!

  16. It was great of her to ask you to guest post. The song is wonderful, and who would want to be in Texas in July. I don't even like being in Oklahoma (except that this morning I woke to rain on my windowpanes). In July?~~Dee

  17. Hello NellJean - so you lived in Texas? None of our kids were born in TX, but Carolina and Illinois summers were hot and humid for an expectant mother, too - and those houses weren't air-conditioned. Thanks for liking the song!

    Hiya ESP - Kiss My Aster is worthy of her blog name! Hope you liked the song.

    It's be funny or want-to-die time here, Pam in SC - starting to feel desperate!

    Thanks, Red Dirt Dee - I don't think this place was intended by nature for year-round habitation!

    Thanks for the comments,


  18. Annie, what a fine song! Makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time. And congrats on your Horticulture Mag debut.

  19. Annie, I just love your song! You are so incredibly talented. And you certainly got it all in. Any chance I could share this on the CTG blog?

    And congrats on being in Horticulture and getting a pro photographer to comment on your picture. Yep, I kept waiting for an overcast day to take this year's mapping pictures. . .and I'm still waiting!

  20. Hi Renee's Roots - thanks. I was hoping a drought song would no longer be relevant by this time in August, but nooooooo!

    Thanks to you Linda/Central Texas Gardener for saying such nice things and embedding the YouTube video on your blog! Embedding a song is the nicest thing a fellow blogger could do for an amateur songwriter!

    Thanks Nelumbo - there are more of my garden song videos on our YouTube Station along with two Christmas songs, one for the Austin Marathon, an old lullaby and videos showing hailstorms and pepper roasting.

    Thanks for commenting!