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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jake's Peaches

Last April I told the world the story of Jake's peach tree - the saga of a Harry & David peach pit, planted a few years ago by my sister and her husband and son Jake. In its fourth spring the tree burst into beautiful pink bloom and Red and her family hoped there would be peaches.

Next came a photo of the developing green fruit and then in July the photo above showed them beginning to color.

A week ago my sister Red sent this photo of the ripening fruit with the guy who planted the tree and had faith that it would grow and bloom.

nd she also sent a photo of some peaches in a bowl. They weren't huge, but they were beautiful peaches!

hen a recycled Harry & David box arrived this afternoon - I had to share the joy!

Dear Family,
There's a light fruity fragrance already - maybe Philo and I can sample one of these very special peaches tomorrow. Thank you all - I can't believe you did this!

And Red - sure hope you and sister Josie will have a chance to get to Mamma Mia soon if you haven't already been to the theater together.
I wrote about seeing it this week with my friend MSS over here at Annie's Addendum and don't think there are any real "spoilers' in my post.

I bought the CD yesterday - guess what - the booklet has all the words, so by the time the DVD comes out - I'll be ready.

Now I just hope you are as thrilled with the movie as we are with the peaches!


  1. I just love Jake and his peaches. So cute! And how sweet of them to send you some.

  2. Oh my goodness! How nice of them to send you peaches... and how beautiful they are, all nicely blushed with red cheeks. I hope they taste as sweet at they look.

  3. I'm glad some one made peaches this year. I had a good crop going and nectarines to boot, and a new bunch of squirrels moved in and got them all.
    I take my extras to the feed store down the road and it is certainly a gift appreciated by all. Savor the flavor Annie.

  4. I love the story of Jake and his peach tree. Such faith! We could all learn something from Jake, about faith and about generosity, sharing those peaches with his Aunt Annie in Austin.

    I bet those taste better than any peach you've ever had!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. Dee/reddirtramblingsSun Aug 17, 06:45:00 AM 2008

    What wonderful story, Annie, about the harvest of faith. Beautiful fruit. Sweet Jake next to his tree. I loved it. The Diva and I are gong to see Mamma Mia.~~Dee

  6. Those peaches look so ripe and lush that I can almost smell them.

    I, too, love the photo of Jake under his tree. Go Jake's parents!

  7. They do look great! Nice color!

  8. What a delightful gift for both families...you with your own Jake grown peaches and Jake with his homegrown H&Ds.


  9. I know you're going to enjoy every bite of those peaches even more because they were grown with such love and joy. Jake's face just shines with both!

  10. Those could have been from Harry and David, they are so gorgeous. How did they taste?

  11. They look delicious! As Bonnie said, they look as though they came from Harry and David. Amazing--perhaps Jake's faith that the tree would grow helped it along.

    I still haven't seen Mamma Mia, but intend to. The local newspaper reviewer--a man--gave it a thumbs down. Letters to the editor are still pouring in criticizing him!

  12. Just saw Mamma Mia and it made me want to sing and dance and now I want peaches! Lovely peaches!

  13. Oh, wow, I can't believe they mailed you peaches! That's so sweet! They look delicious, and it's unbelievable that it's only taken four years for that pit to produce so many peaches.

  14. Annie,
    I can almost smell those peaches!My mouth is watering!-Randy

  15. Hi Pam at Digging - it was a lovely surprise!

    Blackswamp Kim - they're beautiful - but not too pretty to eat ;-]

    Hello Bob from Draco - too bad the squirrels wouldn't share those peaches...but nectarines? I had no idea they'd grow here. You must be very popular down at the store!

    Thank you Carol - Jake's a cool kid - he and his brother like to grow cherry tomatoes, too.

    It would add another dimension to see Mamma Mia with one's daughter, Dee of Red Dirt - lots of mother-daughter moments to enjoy!

    The peaches are not quite ripe MSS of Zanthan Gardens, but already smell great. I miss Jake and his brother and their parents!

    I wonder if the intense color comes because this is a seed-grown tree, Tina - peaches in stores are usually paler.

    It was a lovely treat, Gail - and I think some of my sister's friends are already sharing the wealth, too.

    You're absolutely right, Cindy from Katy!

    Bonnie and Prairie Rose, we shared one of them already -still a little firm but bursting with peachy flavor.

    I don't know about you, Rose, but I rely on certain critics for reverse reviews- if they like it, I won't want to see it!

    Yay, Layanee - the soundtrack is #1! You can dance!! You can Jive! Have the time of your life!

    I couldn't believe it either, Lori. Growing a bearing peach tree from a pit planted in an Illinois backyard goes against all the advice...I love this tree's rebellious triumph over the rules!

    Could you grow peaches easily in Alabama, Randy? Not that you could fit another tree into that botanical garden at the back of your house!

    Thanks for the comments,


  16. The peaches look wonderful. I haven't seen Mamma Mia yet but I was (am) a huge Abba fan. I saw the play and just loved it. It amuses me that some folks are just now discovering Abba!

  17. Annie - what a sweet story you shared with us. Wish you could share those peaches, too! They look wonderful. I have a peach tree, but sadly, no peaches. We saw the Mamma Mia musical at Bass last year and absolutely loved it -- so fun to hear all that great music again. And amazing they made a whole play out of a song!

  18. Annie, we could easily grow peaches here, but like you said, where would the tree go? LOL

  19. With a little photo wizardry, maybe you could produce a Jake and the Giant Peach pic. Congratulations to the young man and his persistence. Just a bit south of where we live in Illinois, there are many peach orchards, but I bet none of them has such a magical Harry & David (& Jake) tree.

  20. Oh, baby, home grown peaches! What a treat. Kudos to Jake & thanks to you for keep us informed.

  21. Wow, what lovely pics, scrumptious looking peaches and a great success story!

  22. I want one.
    Peaches are my favorite fruit.
    What a wonderful gift and a great story. Jake looks so proud, as well he should be.
    Congrats on the peach tree Jake.

  23. I simply love that pic of Jake and his peaches! Wonderful, he looks so proud and happy.

    Those peaches look yummy, I hope the juice will run down your chin when you bite into one, Annie. That's the right way, the only way, to eat a ripe peach.;-)

  24. What a wonderful end to the story...and how wonderful for Jake to have it be a happy ending. It makes you want to ask H and D what variety peach they use...I can't wait to hear how they taste!

  25. Those peaches are fabulous and from a pit. I never thought that could happen. Do I have enough years left?

  26. Hi Annie,
    I swear I commented here the other night, but with Blogger eating them lately, who knows! What a lucky little guy he is to see fruit from his first endeavor at planting a tree! At his age I would have been thrilled, because I hadn't progressed from much more than Zinnias, Four O'clocks and corn at that stage! (But I was weeding for Dad, btw.)

    I love peaches more than anything fruity, so I hope those ones they sent you were tasty! I'm going to eat our first tomatoes tomorrow and need to see if some of the others who were starting to turn are ready yet!

  27. Hi Phillip they're intensely peachy tasting.
    I'm not sure what you'll think of Mamma Mia - some of the biggest fans of the play hate the movie! They say it's changed too much. If you go - please let me know what you think!

    I have a peach tree with no peaches either, Diana - it's planted under the pecans. I heard that the "The Winner Takes It All" was the song used by the writer when she began to turn the ABBA music into a narrative - but "Dancing Queen" is probably the biggest number in the movie.

    Randy & Jamie - you'll have to start planting the roof!

    Oh, Walk2Write - how could I forget that cute kid book? The peach blossoms usually were killed by late frosts where we lived in IL, but some people gave it a try.

    They are small and beautiful and sweet, Mr McGregor's Daughter - it's fun to be able to share this good ending to the tale.

    Thanks Nicole - from the growers and the blogger.

    Peaches are way up there for me, too, Chigiy - finding peach orchards when on vacation in the Carolinas was a fun memory.

    The juice can't run down, Yolanda Elizabet - each one gets cut in half and shared by Philo & me!

    Hi Leslie - they taste wonderful but are much smaller than the ones you buy from H & D...peach genetics are beyond me.

    It goes against all advice, Lancaster Jenny, one reason we love the story!

    Blogger is a mischievous gift sometimes, IVG - when it goes bonkers I try to stop cussing at the computer and remind myself it's also free...but it's easier to stay mad.
    Jake & his brother have planted tomatoes for years - he's already got your two favorite crops covered. These are great peaches.

    Thanks for the comments,


  28. What a wonderful story with a delicious ending.

  29. I'll bet you count those peaches as one of the best gifts you've ever received. What a treasure! Jake is obviously very proud of his peaches, and his whole family is proud of him, and his planting adventure..and with good reason.
    I can just imagine how good they smelled!
    I read your celebratory post about Mamma Mia and absolutely have to see it now :) If you were that excited it must be wonderful!

  30. What a nice story! So cool that the boy got to plant the tree and watch it grow and produce fruit...got a future gardener there for sure!


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