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Saturday, March 01, 2008

March Comes in Like an Iambic Pentameter

Hi Carolyn - Annie's outside in the garden -I think she mentioned something about committing crepe murder? Since she's too busy to post anything for Garden Bloggers Muse Day she handed me some photos and said, " Thalia, you're the Muse of Rustic Comedy, go be a-mus-ing."
Frankly, it sounds to me like an excuse to post flower pictures but no one can say I'm not a good sport! I hope this will do!

Some daffodils had opened in the sun

The heat rose up and fried them one by one

But heat can also make the iris bloom
Until to freezing temp'ratures they zoom
It's leveled out and all is well today

But this is Austin- it won't stay that way! Happy Muse Day everyone!


  1. "temp'ratures"

    LOVE IT!

    What a delightful post!


  2. I love your guest post for muse day. How about those irises?! Wow, please tell me that they smell all nice and like irises should smell. Please.... I long to smell some good old fashioned "flags".

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. This was a wonderful post! Kudos on the delightful poem -- your gardens look particularly beautiful on such an ugly day here in Nova Scotia. :)

  4. Happy March and Muse Day, Annie. Although much warner in Austin, I think we have a similar climate. Sub-freezing at night and 65 by noon here. By the end of this month, I might have some blooms. I pray for a peaceful spring without killing frosts. And some rain!

  5. My word, even your daffodils are clever with prose Annie!
    Lucky you to have daffodils and beautiful, bright iris blooms.
    Great fun. Thanks for the smile :)

  6. Our daffs are sunny and bright too here in the PNW. The irises are yawning and stretching but it'll be a bit yet. Loved the poetry!

  7. What a fun post and clever, too! Your iris are blooming already? Sometimes I think we have some climate similarities but I'm not even seeing buds on my iris...maybe I'd better look more carefully tomorrow!

  8. Oh Annie, these iris are sure cause for 'pompous joy'. :) Your words make them dance. It is wonderful to see them as it gives us in the northern tier cause for hope and a little more patience.

  9. Your guest post has me smiling on this windy March day. Happy Muse Day to Annie who's having fun in the garden.~~Dee

  10. Gosh darn it, all those flowers are making me jealous in the frozen north. Thalia indeed.

  11. Love the poem and the pics! I just got done reading your three gardens post and I don't know how you were able to bring yourself to leave that beautiful garden behind. I enjoyed the reading. :-)

  12. Well, isn't Annie lucky to have an aMUSE-ing daffodil subbing in for her while she plays in the garden. This really cheered me up, given that we're still getting scoured by a snowstorm here in lovely Nova Scotia...

  13. LOL! How brave of you to post a shot of a faded Daffodil. Is that 1st one Salome? It's lovely.

  14. as well as allowing me to see your great pictures you helped me learn something when I had to take the time to check what Iambic Pentameter was as I had never heard that before

    thanks steve

  15. Love, love, love the photos!!!! I'm a big fan of bearded iris and it's so nice to see yours. I can almost smell them. ;)

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  16. Ahhhhh...iris in March..... am i jealous!
    I'm still looking at a lot of snow but this week is supposed to be above freezing...alleluia!
    Love looking at your colors in the meantime.

  17. Annie, I enjoyed this post and the great pics....particularly nice to see the iris blooms. I believe y'all are ahead of us spring-weather-wise. Best regards, Jon in Vicksburg, Miss. on 3-2-08

  18. Hello Clerk Hank - glad you had a smile from this one.

    Carol, the white ones have a faint scent - the pale peach ones are more citrusy. I was so thrilled to see the 'Amethyst Flame' from Pam/Digging that I forgot to check for fragrance.

    Thank you, Nancy J Bond. We have a bit of welcome rain this morning so the view of my small garden is misty right now.

    Mary, it does seem that our areas are in synch ... hope we are not both stuck in the hundreds this summer. We are very low on rain here.

    I'm glad you liked it Kerri - guess asking Thalia was a good idea. I don't have many varieties of either daffodils or iris, but like the ones I do have!

    Hello Curmudgeon and Wing Nut of WWA, this is about 2 weeks earlier than usual for the iris - bet yours will be beautiful!

    Leslie, the iris have been acting goofy since last fall - they produced some errant blooms in mid-winter! I divided most clumps a year ago and planted them in different places around the garden. The various areas have iris in quite different stages of development.

    I really liked your poem for Muse Day, Lisa at Greenbow - and hope your winter retreats and brings that joy to you. It's going to be interesting to see what happens in your garden since you lost that tree shade.

    Red Dirt Dee - I was thinking about you yesterday when the weather forecast came on - hope the storms in OK didn't treat you too badly.

    Thalia is glad to give you a grin Apple!

    It's chancy to grow some of this stuff Ki, but the bulbs were inexpensive and the iris either passalongs or from plant club sales. It's not anything like experimenting with orchids!

    Randy and Jamie, thanks for liking the poem and reading that post. I think it would have been harder if we'd left that garden for a house and job in the same zone, but coming to Texas meant a chance to experiment in zone 8 which softened the departure. I miss that garden less as this one gets established.

    Good grief, Jodi, another snowfall? That does bring back memories of my IL days when the sight of a snowdrop or crocus could bring one to tears. Since neither of those flowers grow here... the sight would probably bring me to tears now, too!

    Hi Mr McGregor's Daughter - I forgot to snap a photo before taking off the frozen, mushy iris flowers or you'd have seen them, too!
    In Illinois I ordered daffodils, including the beloved 'Salome', from places like Dutch Bulbs and White Flower Farm, but most daffodils don't last or increase here so I think of them as short-term perennials. This sweet little 'Pink Charm' was an impulse purchase at the dollar store.

    Hello Steve of Power Guides- thanks for visiting - glad you enjoyed the photos!

    We in the gardenblog world all wish for a scent transmitter, don't we Cindy at Rosehaven...and we'd even like to share the aroma of compost and stapelia!

    Welcome Carol at Terra Nova - hope your wishes for color are soon fulfilled!

    Jon, some things are ahead of last year, but others are lagging... that unpredictability is normal here! These simple iris might be invisible next to the fancy hybrid varieties.

    It won't be too long before Iris the goddess of the rainbow will spread her colors all over our friends who are still snowbound now.

    Thank you from Thalia for all the comments!


  19. Thalia was great - I loved her post. I wonder if she checked to see if you'd been booked for crepe murder! I hope not - the iris are beautiful... sigh.

  20. I love Iris but they do let you down like a youthful love. Quick to bloom yet fleeting in their duration.

  21. I haven't had one iris bloom yet!

  22. Kate, the crepes under attack were not my choice but came with the house - all in one tiresome color, not disease resistant, and growing in awkward locations. It was self-defense.

    Hi Sherry - thank you!

    Welcome WiseAcre - the individual iris don't last long, but they put up LOTS of stalks.

    As to fleeting young love, we'll have to differ on that one...I've been happily married to my teenage heartthrob for over 40 years.

    Brenda Kula, they're blooming earlier than in other years. But who knows what normal is now?

    Thank you all for the comments!


  23. Dear Annie, Happy Muse Day and that was a lovely poem. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Best Wishes

  24. As I sit here buried in snow, I'm o.k. with people in warmer spots publishing pictures of all the flowers blooming in their gardens, but showing a picture of a daffodil shriveling in the heat... that's just mean!

  25. Hello Green Thumb - I'm always glad to hear from you- thank you!

    Taking photos of burnt-up flowers felt like a tiny piece of revenge against the weathergods, Iowa Don! Y'all are bombarding us with artistic icicles so we're even.

    Thanks from Annie


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