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Welcome! As "Annie in Austin" I blog about gardening in Austin, TX with occasional looks back at our former gardens in Illinois. My husband Philo & I also make videos - some use garden images as background for my original songs, some capture Austin events & sometimes we share videos of birds in our garden. Come talk about gardens, movies, music, genealogy and Austin at the Transplantable Rose and listen to my original songs on YouTube. For an overview read Three Gardens, Twenty Years. Unless noted, these words and photos are my copyrighted work.
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Out of Order Posts

[The Passalong Daylily post can be found below with the date of May 31-apparently Blogger puts the posts on with the date of when you start writing it - not when you finally finish it and hit publish!

So long~]

Thanks to Susan at South of the River they're back in order.


  1. Annie — You can change the date and time on a post, even after it's been published. Just go to Manage Posts, select the post you want to change and click Edit. Below the box with the post text in it, click on Post Options (in blue) and the Date and Time boxes will show up. Make the changes and re-publish. Very handy.

    — Susan

  2. Susan, it worked and you've taught me something new. Thank you so much!

    I'm zipping the suitcases but cannot stop running in and out to check email. Philo will be tearing the mouse out of my hand.


  3. Annie — I hope you have a great trip and I'm glad I could help with the blogging logistics.

    — Susan


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