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Friday, September 15, 2006

Living It Up In South Austin

Between too much fun with friends and too much to do in the garden there’s no time to write a real post. Should I write a big story of my own, or hop around the blogosphere reading what everyone else has written, leaving comments behind me? Guess which one won?
You see, I was a garden blog reader & commenter long before I was a blogger and I still want to visit everyone. If this post is very short, it’s because you’re all too interesting!

Earlier this summer I had to confess that I’d been in Austin for 7 years without ever lunching under the trees at the Shady Grove. MSS from Zanthan Gardens decided it was time for me to act like an true Austinite and drink a margarita on the patio. I wore one of my Hawaii shirts! It was incredibly relaxing and conducive to conversation! I feel hipper already! [After eating an enormous mushroom burger, maybe that’s actually 'hippy-er'.] Thank you, M!

Wandering around Floribunda was another South Austin experience to savor. I got to sit on the grass sofa and admire their imaginative nursery. Isn’t the entrance agave amazing?
Floribunda had an enormous selection of colorful ceramic pots too. I found one that will be just right for repotting my old Jade plant.

That’s it – I need to take photos of my ‘sort-of’ Veranda for another post on another day. It's not like the wrap-around porches that adorned the houses in Susan's Charleston story at GardenRant, but it counts for a veranda in this family.


  1. Yea! I'm glad you finally made it to Shady Grove, one of our favorite spots.

  2. I still haven't been to Floribunda. I've driven by it, but haven't gotten to check it out yet.

  3. Wow! You got a pretty lil lady on your profile photo! Have a nice weekend!

  4. Should you have more time to view other blogsites come on over and check out my "autumn glow" then pop around "globally" to view others!Oh bring your margarita with you!

  5. I appreciate the comments you've been leaving! BTW, I've been to Austin, long time ago, and the only place I remember eating at was Threadgill's. They had some wonderful sliced tomatoes.

  6. Wow! I want a grass sofa! Doesn't that sound like a wonderful place to take a nap? Recently, I got to see a bed made out of succulents - it had the bed frame, headboard, etc - and then the succulents were growing in a 'patchwork' pattern. It was in a friend's greenhouse, in preparation for the fall Charleston Garden Show. There was even a succulent pillow!

  7. Annie, I'm glad you decided to take up blogging as well. I have a few friends who similarly don't have blogs but prefer to read and comment. I always encourage them to start their own so that we can read about their little place in the world as well.

    I'm in love with that agave. Is it an attenuata on steriods or is it another variety?

  8. See, I'm wandering the garden blogosphere commenting elsewhere instead of writing up 1) the last entry of my garden history, 2) this week in the garden (we got rain at last! 1 1/2 inches!, 3) my happy birthday post (for the site, not me), or 4) our adventures in South Austin. Glad you got some good photos of our day together. I had a wonderful time.

  9. I appreciate the comments, thank you all.

    MSS and I sat on the grass sofa, but not for very long - it had ants!

    Carol, Threadgill's also has fried dill pickles... not exactly good for you, but oddly delicious. On our first visit, my husband was amused by the wording on their side dish menu: there is one large listing of "vegetables", and a much shorter list of "vegetarian vegetables"- those without bacon, ham or sausage mixed in.

    Stuart here's the website for Floribunda , maybe you can email them about the agave?

    MSS, now I feel like I'm a bad influence on you! It was lots of fun. The only glitch was concentrating on safely tucking the Oxblood lilies into the car and driving away, then having to skulk back 5 minutes later for the purse & driver's license that had been dumped on your kitchen floor. That was a major DUH moment.



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